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Aug 30, 1960
Consulted about [The Draft of Refugee’s Rights]
as requested by the MFA)

Oct 1961
Published the KJIL Vol.6 No.2 (Serial Number 10)

Nov 1, 1961
Enacted the KSIL regulations of awarding

Aug 6, 1962
Consulted about [Agreement on the Status of the U.S.
Stationary Force in Korea] as requested by the MFA

Sep 1963
Started university lecture tours in Chonnam National

May 16, 1964
The Executive Council passed the English draft of the
bylaw and forwarded it to each international law society

Aug 22, 1964
Joined the International Law Association with the name of
“The Korean Branch of the International Law Association”

Feb 14, 1965
Moved the Main Office back to the Korean Legal Centre

Sep 1966
Published the KJIL Vol.11 No.2 (Serial Number 20)

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Feb 1956
Published the first volume of the Korean
Journal of International Law (KJIL)

Jul 22, 1956
Moved the Main Office to the Korean Legal Centre

Nov 6, 1957
Prepared and proposed revisions of International
Maritime Law to the UN International Law Commission

Dec 26, 1958
Registered as a corporate juridical person

Apr 8, 1959
Moved the Main Office to Jeong-shin B/D Suite
403, Sogongdong, Junggu, Seoul

Oct 8, 1959
Consulted about [Agreement on International Maritime Law]
as requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

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